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Shape, composition and color

Shape, composition and color

Fall is coming and we couldn't be prouder to show you the new Phisique du Role collection, a simple yet creative, colourful line with stunning garments for every occasion.




Shape, composition, color: three elements that unite clothes with the ceramics of historic Mutina. It’s in this space that Phisique du Role’s latest collection comes to life. Interpreting it is a woman who plays at being a child again in a hide-and-seek between backdrops of expertly designed ceramics as well as the garments she wears.



And here the autumnal tones of yellow, orange, and red contrast with the cold tones of the background and vice versa, creating a hypnotic visual puzzle.


In a shot with a surrealist flavor a flying scarf becomes a cloud, it is an invitation to give free rein to the imagination. Always follow it.


Autumn is usually a season that is usually associated with something sad, transient, lacking in light. But not for Phisique du Role, they look at this season with different eyes: like a gateway, a passage to new seasons, to newness. Its light is everywhere, it rests on every leaf, hanging or fallen. The tree that is shedding its leaves, the bare branch are not sad, rather they are dressed in gold, and rubies on a green carpet. They dress up for a feast. A feast of colours as rich and original as an artist's canvas.



Foliage is a sign of rebirth and beauty and change. We should learn from autumn leaves to dress ourselves in colour, in celebration, and experience the passing of time as a cycle that renews itself every year, rich in novelty. 




Clara Merlchiorre is the official photographer of this collection. Born in Italy in 1992, she graduated in photography at the European Institute of Design (Milan) in 2014 and started her research after four years of practice as assistant, archivist and curator for the artist Maria Mulas. Her work investigates the deep relationship between body and space blending both the language of fashion and architecture photography. Since 2019 she has also been teaching research and design methodology. In 2021 she had her first solo exhibition curated by Mario Nanni and hosted by the Contemporary Art Museum “Marino Marini” in Florence. Clara currently lives and works in Milan.



What are you waiting for to take a look at the brand's new collection and let yourself be transported into the history of the brand? 


Let yourself be enveloped by the softness of the high quality made in Italy fabrics of Phisique du Role.




Find below some of our favorite outfits and get inspired for the new season:






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