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Running Pretty New York City Girl

Running Pretty New York City Girl

Interview with Julie Roux
from Finding Fashion Jules Interview by Tsitaliya Mircheva

With the relaunch of our new website, we’ve decided to keep up the Blog interviews with the By Adushka Muses and Friends! These interviews have attracted a lot of interest from our followers and fans for apparent reasons. All of the women we've interviewed till now have shared fascinating stories and personal wisdom, from which many of us can learn and feel inspired!

Our choice fell on these women because we love their spontaneity, independent style, free spirit and of course we feel captivated by their life journeys. Not to mention that every each one of them embodies our brand values and our approach to fashion in a unique way that brings utter fascination and joy!

Today we are meeting Julie Roux a native New Yorker, a personal shopper and stylist who now lives in Basel. I always loved traveling and I was a very independent girl from very young age says Jules about herself. Indeed at the age of 14 she announced to her family that she wanted to go to boarding school and then proceeded to to move to Florida and intern there at a travel agency. After that move she travelled all the way to Santiago, Chile, where she worked with a photographer to learn more about visual storytelling. Finally she moved to Lyon, France where she graduated business school and after a short stay in Spain she returned and lived in France for almost 8 years.

Today Jules lives with her family and her dog, a five month old Lagotto Romagnolo, in Basel. A few years ago she started writing her own blog called Finding Fashion Jules, which is an outlet for her passion and joy around finding beautiful, distinctive articles of clothing. As a child Jules have traveled with her family back and forth between New York and France where her love for clothing began. She still remembers the casual strolls along the streets of Lyon with her mother, checking the local boutiques and finding the kind of treasures rarely seen in the US.

Jules still remembers that same thrill when she finds unique pieces for her clients as a Personal Shopper in Basel.

Photo credits: André Marc & Salina B


Tsitaliya: What inspires your style at the moment?
I recently visited the Edward Hopper Exhibition at Foundation Beyeler. I fell in love with his paintings, the blue colours he uses and the way he captures the seaside and the green pastures, everything about North American landscapes and those places where I grew up! I feel very nostalgic at the moment as I haven’t been back home for quite a while now. I would say nostalgia and those colours have inspired my whole wardrobe at the end of this summer and perhaps autumn too.

Tsitaliya: What is the most valuable item you own in your wardrobe?
Jules: It’s my father’s Rolex from the 1960s. I wear it ever since my father passed away.

Tsitaliya: What does luxury mean to you?
Luxury to me means something unique, something that stands out and it doesn’t have to be necessarily an item. It could be an experience.

Tsitaliya: How do you understand sustainability today?
I see sustainable in two ways: Sustainable by its longevity, it’s something handed down by generations. In other words something that lasts, that’s durable. And second, something made in a sustainable manner, with respect to our planet.

Tsitaliya: What do you love about By Adushka clothes and accessories? Jules: Sustainability and craftsmanship coupled with a touch of something special. This is what attracted me to the By Adushka selection of clothes and accessories. The company founder, Karin Kämpf has an eye for choosing items that are new to the Swiss market as well as being beautifully made. Wether shopping for myself or my clients, these are the elements that make an article of clothing an ideal purchase.

Tsitaliya: What are your favoured looks for this Autumn?
My favorite pieces for this season have to be the coats. With the start of fall the most visible piece of my outfit is the jacket I layer over that day’s look. Here are two coats by PDR that beautifully compliment the dress underneath. The first is a more eclectic mix with a combination of patterns while the second has a more subtle tone that is lifted by the cut of the garments.

 You could get this beautiful dress under this link.

Photo credits: André Marc & Salina B


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