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The Key Fashion Trend you want know about this season

The Key Fashion Trend you want know about this season

The past few weeks have been filled with impressions and exciting experiences that I would love to share with you, not because I like to talk about myself and my life, but because I believe many of these can be beneficial for your lifestyle as well.


If you are my follower on Instagram, that means you are interested in Fashion and Style, beside being a mum, running a family and probably having your own business. I often write about searching for peace and balance among all of these roles we are taking on in life, but today I'll emphasise on Autumn Fashion and Style. As the seasons change we change what we wear and often times we need an inspiration, looking to buy something new to update our wardrobes, boost our mood and confidence.

In September new trends emerge and whether we like to admit it or not, we are sneak- peaking into the new styles of the season.



NOSTALGIA in fashion can be interpreted in many different ways, so feel free to choose whatever "new" piece that speaks to you giving it a central role for your Autumn Style.


In this time of the year I love to buy vintage and I go to flea markets to hunt for little treasures. This past weekend I got very lucky and I found a pair of Chloé shoes, a vintage 80s oversized leather jacket and a soft white sweater, which I always think is a must-have for any wardrobe.


TREND ALERT: Another great find was a pencil skirt in oil shade. By the way this season pencil skirts are one of the cuts making a major come back!


In the meantime I've been shooting for By Adushka Autumn/Winter collection and I was reminded for another 80s piece that is returning to the street this year too:

The Pussy Bow Silk Blouse!
Wear with jeans or in the office and style with a knit vest or a blazer.



Hot, Vintage, New Items

Vintage, recycled fabrics, up-cycling and storytelling! It is definitely a time in fashion where there is so much choice. This is why I think it's particularly important to choose according to your values, personality and unique style. Wear whatever you want as long as it brings you good memories, good feelings and a sense of connection and purpose! 



We hope you enjoy the next few weeks making some good memories, whilst connecting deeply with yourself, those around you and finding a new sense of purpose.

With much love,
Tsitaliya and the whole Mums in Heels team

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