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Contribute with Love to the blouse

Contribute with Love to the blouse

The new video by our friend and authentic Swiss stylist Luisa Rossi has finally been released on YouTube and we couldn't be happier to share it with you.



A conversation between Karin and Luisa in the new showroom in Baden, in which Karin Kämpf, founder and CEO of By Adushka, explains the meaning of the brand and the importance of the world behind it - if you don't know the story, you can find it in Luisa's video or here. Karin explains that for her, the most important thing is that the clothes make a person happy and for that to happen the people who make them have to be happy too and that's the reason Karin wants to get to the bottom of every brand she selects, making sure they are sustainable and handmade.



We love our Luisa's styling tips, and this time she has decided to focus on shirts, especially one of the latest arrivals in the By Adushka family: The Label Edition. In the video you will find an explanation of the various characteristics that distinguish it and make it a brand that perfectly expresses the values and mood of By Adushka. The careful details, high quality, exclusivity and the interplay between masculine and feminine make it perfect for us.


Read more about The Label Edition brand: as featured on ELLE, VOGUE FRANCE and MARIE CLAIRETake a look at the video to learn more about this brand and see how Karin and Luisa decided to match these outfits perfect for the spring/summer season. Shop your favourite look and be sure to watch Luisa's latest YouTube video below!



To get the look, please contact or make an appointment for a personal styling session at our Showroom, Loft 19 in Baden.
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