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Let’s Stitch a Better Future with Silaiwali

Let’s Stitch a Better Future with Silaiwali

I can’t wait to introduce you to this remarkable brand. Their story started in the heart of New Delhi, with a strong commitment to sustainability and solidarity. ‘Silaiwali’ is more than just a brand. Their mission is in transforming textile waste into unique handcrafted dolls and decorations, while empowering Afghan women refugees.

Silaiwali’s driven by a strong commitment to fuel creative interests, while being kind to the environment. and the solidarity aspect. A solidarity to unite and tackle some of the mounting textile waste, especially in the garment manufacturing hub, New Dehli. Silaiwali takes a stand against fast fashion’s harmful practices by approaching their production through upcycling techniques by repurposing deadstock and textile scraps form the fashion industry.

The companys impact goes beyond the environmental one. New Delhi is also a transit home for Afghan refugees fleeing from the turmoil and instability in their home country, with hopes of resettling in more stable conditions. Silaiwali partners with Afghan female refugees through the UNHCR’s livelihood program, to provide them with sustainable incomes and empower them to build a better future.

Proudly, Silaiwali currently supports between 60-70 female refugees, offering them fair wages in a clean working environment within walking distance from their refugee housing. 

Silaiwali’s creations are not just beautiful; they represent a stitch against waste and a stitch for freedom. Each individually crafted piece tells a story of environmental conservation and social empowerment. Each doll is intricately designed as a testament to the skill, dedication, and resilience of their artisanal work.

By choosing these dolls, you’ll become part of a larger movement- a movement that celebrates sustainable fashion and supports marginalized artisans positively.

Wear these bag charms with elegance and purpose or give your little friend a Silaiwali, knowing that every purchase contributes to a brighter future for each courageous female artisan involved. Embrace conscious consumptions and join their journey towards a more sustainable and equitable world. Discover these beautiful hand stitched creations and be inspired by the synergy of environmental consciousness and social solidarity. Let’s stitch a better future together.

Catch you later,
Addi xoxo

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