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Kleed - Nature Inspired Loungewear

Kleed - Nature Inspired Loungewear

Dear friends and readers,

as many of you know, our goal with By Adushka is to seek out established brands and emerging talents from around the world with a 
focus on craftsmanship, sustainability, consistency and international inspiration, to a consciously consumer, style-conscious quality and fashion-loving client with a sophisticated taste.

It is therefore with great pleasure that today we introduce 


Timeless, slowly hand-crafted loungewear that we know you will LOVE, is now available on our webshop.

Imagine walking barefoot on wet sand, accompanied by the sounds of the sea, the wind, the forest...



Kleed is an extraordinary example of the unbreakable bond between a community and its territory, its environment and its identity. 

Back in 2016, Kleed was born to be sustainable. Really.
We all know that true sustainability – environmental, social and economic - is a journey in itself and this is the goal that the designer of this sensational brand wants to achieve.

Carolina Guedes Cruz is a dynamic Portuguese entrepreneur who decided to combine her two strong passions: slow fashion and wildlife conservation.

Read through this article to find out all about this exquisite latest addition to the By Adushka Family.



As everyone knows, the fashion industry is notoriously polluting in terms of chemicals and manufacturing processes. In addition to consuming enormous amounts of water, very often the working conditions the artisans are subjected to are disastrous. 

"Kleed is proud to do things differently: we design beautiful, sophisticated loungewear with a conscience. A conscience that makes us take responsibility for whom we choose to partner with, in every country; which stunning fabrics and dyes we use to manufacture our beautiful clothes; how we engage with and treat our talented workforce and suppliers; what innovative packaging and delivery services use to distribute to our clients.



We passionately believe that in fashion, as in many other sectors, small and slow is beautiful. We are humbled by the talented artisans we work with and their achingly beautiful, hand-crafted creations. Ultimately, we want Kleed to be a force for good in their lives.

This conscience defines what we do and how we do it. We have chartered a course and we move forward step by step, as best we can. Easily? Far from it. We are a fast-growing, but small company – it has taken us years to transform almost every aspect of our business so that one day, we can be100% sustainable.


There is no time to lose, and we believe that every one of us is called upon to make a difference."



The Planet is our responsibility – and no one else’s



Kleed's goal has always been to be 100% sustainable, respecting the environment and the communities they work with. This amazing label weaves sustainability into its entire value chain, to become an eco-friendly brand – even in the smallest details.




Only natural products and fibres are used: silk, cotton, preferably organic, and viscose. By working with biodegradable products and materials that dissolve in soil, air or water, they reduce their carbon footprint, leaving less pollution. They aim to use non-chemical dyes to produce the brand's exclusive prints. They are committed to increasing the use of organic cotton in every collection.



Most of Kleed's materials are dyed with chemical-free dyes - a huge difference for the environment. In addition, natural fibres biodegrade much faster than artificial ones.  



Kleed's iconic Ikat fabrics are all hand-woven in India by their skilled artisans, using ancestral weaving techniques. Handlooms ensure that the unique cultural heritage of their communities is kept alive for future generations. The irregularities of the textiles testify to their nature as handlooms, their uniqueness.

"We truly believe that, in today's world, any sophisticated fashion brand must go hand in hand with respect for the planet. Our pieces, designed with care and elegance, enrich our daily lives simply because they are beautiful, while their purpose brings a very special peace of mind, born of conscious purchase."



Kleed means beautiful, sophisticated loungewear – with a conscience.


You know that with Kleed, you are making a conscious choice to buy responsibly and sustainably. Because, just like us, you know that the Planet is our responsibility – and no one else’s. Kleed kimonos (kleed is the Afrikaans word for robe) are all inspired by nature in one way or another. This is not just inspiration, but a real contribution from Carolina Guedes Cruz, the brand's Founder and CEO. Kleed has indeed become a global advocate for wildlife conservation in Africa and, more recently, in India, partnering with accredited South African NGO, "Saving the Survivors", donating 5% of the brand's profits to their work of caring for injured White Rhinos, victims of highly aggressive poaching.



When you choose to buy Kleed luxury loungewear, you are consciously opting for a timeless, sustainable and ethical purchase. You, too, want to be part of something infinitely bigger than ourselves. 




 If you LOVE this story, TAP to purchase your unique Kleed loungewear.




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