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Get ready for Fall with Luisa Rossi

Get ready for Fall with Luisa Rossi

Summer is now over and we are preparing for the beginning of autumn, and how better to start this season than with some styling tips?

The new video by our friend and authentic Swiss stylist Luisa Rossi has finally been released on YouTube and we couldn't be happier to share it with you, you can click here to check it out. Don't miss this blogpost and discover all the tips from this Swiss fashion icon.



Let's start with look number one. What Luisa is looking for are jeans that are first of all comfortable, then stylish and above all eco-friendly. The three characteristics that the stylist has found in one of the latest brands to join the By Adushka Family: Happy Haus. A young conscious and 100% ecological brand with an easy going feel founded by Sandy Chagnaud, who started with the idea of creating a wardrobe to be worn all year round around a few, deliberately few models, designed over a long period of time so that they become noticeable and respond to the brand's commitment.

Build your everyday outfit based on Happy Haus jeans, it's up to you to choose whether to dress them casually or more elegantly. Luisa decided to match Le Pantalon Fleur with Phisique du Role's Crepe Silk Shirt and Oil Coat Robe in virgin wool. On her feet she wears Momonì's Paris Boots.





Although skirts are not an item of clothing Luisa often wears, La Jupe Cècilie from Happy Haus combined with the Marlin Blouse and the green Jaquard Gillet is an outfit she recommends for the autumn season. 

A 70s-inspired outfit with a retro effect given by the débardeur by Phisique du Role.

We love it!



To complete the look, she opts for a Stuoia Jacket with knitted cuffs from Phisique du Role and one of our funny Canva Bags by MamaZmia




"Isn't that awesome?" - asks Luisa.



Let's move on to the next outfit: a look that Luisa 'could die' for. Our stylist starts by presenting the Coral Crane Kimono from Kleed's selection. A sustainable fashion brand that embraces today's chic and relaxed lifestyle that presents elegant, casual and extravagant garments to take the sophisticated woman effortlessly from a day at the beach to an evening party with friends. Luisa decided to wear it above La Jupe Cècilie White Skirt from Happy Haus, Momonì's Abete Sweater and Momonì's Paris Boots. An outfit truly in Luisa's style!



As the last outfit: a timeless classic outfit consisting of Japanese Chantilly Trousers from Phisique du Role, a Denim Shirt from Happy Haus and Phisique du Role's Stuoia Coat. A clean and simple look suitable for everyday life.



Luisa concludes the autumn advice video with some Phisique du Role basics that are a must in your wardrobe: simple, fun and above all comfortable. 




Many of you will already know her. Visual flair, fashion sense and sensitivity: this is Luisa Rossi! She has made a name for herself nationwide thanks to various radio and television programmes such as "Cinderella", "Lifestyle", "People" and also Radio 24, becoming a true Swiss styling icon. Her talent is to immediately recognise how to optimise and emphasise a person's appearance, a skill she acquired through her experience in the fashion industry thanks to her many years as a professional model and hair & make-up styling agent. Today she is the first address for renowned fashion events, seminars, workshops, photo shoots, fashion modelling and personal styling consultations. And we at By Adushka couldn't be happier to have her on board!


If you're not doing it yet, go follow this amazing woman on Instagram and YouTube


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