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Fashion Trend

Fashion Trend

By Adushka very own Trend Report
Romantics and Optimism are this year biggest fashion trends

We are celebrating the beginning of the new year with our very own first Conscious Fashion Trend Report. And while we are not a brand driven by trends, it is very important to highlight that our sustainable and conscious fashion is relevant and modern and resonates with our elegant customers’ needs and desires.

In fact the SS 21 collections of our brands are more than exciting, optimistic and wearable! They are reaffirming the joy of fashion and celebrating the art of dressing up!
Here are the main trends we’ve noticed emerging on the virtual catwalks and some suggestions from our mindfully curated brands collection.

In the past year while spending more time at home women have had the time to try new ways of wearing their old clothes. We’ve seen old classics being reinvented and mixed in many creative and more free-style ways. Think of the office shirt transformed in a bustier with wrapped around the waist sleeves, think of your boyfriend’s classic white shirt becoming a dress and finally cropping your sweatshirt to match it with gathered wide leg trousers. We’ve got this spring season a few other ideas for you: the ultimate oversized spring coat to throw on your shoulders and elongate your silhouette. Or a linen skirt pinned at the waist in combination with oversized puffy sleeve blouse! Fabulous new and bold silhouettes!

Green will be the fashion colour of summer 2021,

predicts one of the most popular trend forecasters Lidewij Edelkoort. After a predominantly brown winter, which Edelkoort predicted for next autumn, she believes that a green summer is a logical continuation. This hue also includes shades of brown within green shades and other complementary colours such as thinned blue-green, tinted white, red and yellow tones. For the first time in a long time Lidewij Edelkoort showed a mild positivism about the future: "So much is happening right now on the way to a sustainable future. See the growing resistance to buying events such as 'Black Friday'. Or when I look at my students: they are all working with new materials, new yarns, reusing clothes, making less, but better... that gives hope. This is a challenging and fun time. It's not scary.”

Edelkoort expects an increasing use of alternative yarns and fabrics such as nettle and pineapple, linen and even paper. "We have to reduce the use of cotton in the fashion industry and find alternatives to this water-consuming favorite fabric. This leads to more tactility, stiff or fluffy soft fabrics, summery brocades and jacquards. Or to new processes such as" deep sea wash "for denim. Natural Dyeing techniques with flowers or vegetables, such as textiles dyed with avocado. Search through our greens in Phisique du Role and Momoni.

What is spring without florals and Sorbet pastel tones -

The great thing about sorbet colours and pastel tones is that they suit a variety of skintones and they always look very refined and sophisticated. This year we’ll be seeing many of those gentle colours in oversized trench coats and beautiful oversized but sexy dresses. Discover those colours in our Elisabetta Franchi SS 21 collection, Momoni and Nina Leuca

Folk Inspired coats -

the attention to these unique pieces came back because of the revived interest of people towards hand embroidery and hand crafts. Last year while spending more time at home most of us were reminded of long forgotten skills we’ve learned from our mothers and grandmothers and with that came back the interest to wear uniquely decorated fabrics and intricate tapestry. Our amazing Olga Mul and Belle Ikat coats are the perfect example of this trend.

Puffed proportions

Whether you’ve had enough of the oversized sleeve or not, we can certainly expect these statement sleeves to stick around for another season at the very least. First time we started seeing this trend pop up was in spring 2018 but since then almost every year we see many valuations of it. Victorian Inspired shirts and romantic house dresses. This summer our favourite balloon sleeve is showing up in Nina Leuca linen dresses, hand embroidered in a unique technique.

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