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Fall Trends

Fall Trends

Fall Colour Trends and some ideas how to wear colour this season

Styling tips for your Autumn Wardrobe, Inspired by the beauty of Nature and the cultural heritage of India 

As over here in the Norther Hemisphere we are stepping into Autumn, a sense of awe and humbleness descend upon us. Autumn is a magical season, when the burst of vibrant color captures our attention and captivates our imagination. We become witness to a spectacle of nature that leaves us breathless and inspired.

Here at By Adushka we have a deep respect for nature and we are always humbled by its beauty and universal wisdom. That’s why we often feel attracted by fashion brands, whose textiles and design language are inspired and in full harmony with nature. One such brand we work with is Injiri.




Injiri, meanin “real India”, historically stands for “real Madras checkered textiles” which were exported to West Africa back in the 18th century.
Launched in 2009 as a clothing brand by Chinar Farooqui, Injiri believes in the beauty of hand-weaving processes. Injiri as a brand gis more about story-telling, the end point is reflective of the journey of many processes. We make clothing for women and textiles for home. The brand focus is on textile development and sustainable usage of materials.

 Speaking of colours this season, India, where Injiri was born, is the country we always associate with vibrant colours, spices, incredible history and cultural flamboyance. Of course all of that is present and visible in the design vocabulary of Injiri whose Fall/ Winter 2021 is influenced by colours and visual aesthetics of Rajasthan where Chinar, the brand’s founder, has grown up. The name of the collection is called Shekhwati which is an area of Rajas- than with rich cultural heritage. The region is known for it’s beautiful architecture and frescos. The collection is also photographed in this area of exceptional beauty and character. The textiles used are woven in Gujarat and Kashmir.




Injiri works closely with handloom weavers and their textile vocabulary, across various parts of India. The brand is constantly engaged in conversations with these keepers of intangible human heritage. Design stories start with curating and studying old pieces of textiles which showcase the crafts at its purest forms.

And to finish the story where we began, where everything indeed begins, most crafts in India especially the ones of textiles, have unique codes pertaining to the geography they come from. From the selvedge being built to protect the fabric for generations of usage, to motifs that reveal the identity of the soil it rises from. Injiri tries to focus on such details and build design stories around them.





Every piece from their collections celebrates fabric from its inception in the yarn to the process it goes through and finally in the tangible product.

Take a look at the Injiri current collection and you will realise, autumn and winter don’t have to be so gray anymore. Bold colors make a statement in the Fall/Winter 2021 season. Yellow, red, green and pink were everywhere on the runway from Moschino and Marc Jacobs to Dior and Chanel.

Don’t be afraid to use some colour therapy this season and beyond!

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