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Extraordinary summer dress styles with our Luisa Rossi

Extraordinary summer dress styles with our Luisa Rossi

Our friend Luisa Rossi presents beautiful summer dresses by By Adushka in and around our showroom Loft 19. Many styling tips on how to wear dresses: with accessories, belts or even together with pants. This will make your beautiful dress wearable until late summer or even autumn! Check out the whole video here.



Get Luisa's looks




The first look proposed by our stylist Luisa Rossi is a truly unique combination of Injiri garments. At the base we find the label's Teej Slip Dress in pink, a refreshing summer choice made in India from pure cotton, which follows the silhouette in a very soft way and features fine spaghetti straps. Over this dress our stylist wore the Off-White Jamdani Dress - the result is unique and it gives a touch of color to your summer day!

Our styling tip: complete this outfit with Guanàbana's handmade Canesto Bag available in green and in pink.





As the second look proposed by the stylist we have the Polka Dot Dress by Phisique du Role under a light black coat. Go play with accessories: Luisa decided to match it with a straw hat by Lola Hats and the handmade Goldfish Tote Bag by Guanàbana - we absolutely love this combo!




Our beloved Merezhivo Cropped Blouse from My Sleeping Gypsy are finally available. It has a voluminous airy shape and is therefore perfect for hot summer days and it's gathered puffy sleeves are generously decorated with embroidery and hand-cut Richelieu technique and the breast line is crafted with the traditional handmade “Zbiranka” technique. 

Luisa decided to wear it with a set by Phisique du Role (Oversized Blazer Jacket + High-Rise Trousers) and the result is a perfect office look! 



Take a look at our selection of accessories carefully for you. Each chosen brand has its own motif, visit the Designer section and find out more!






Private styling audience - Loft 19

 Find the whole selection of some carefully selected items in our shop or contact us on +41 78 899 48 97 for a private styling audience at our showroom, loft 19, next to Baden (Switzerland). We can't wait to show you our collection of sustainable and artisanal items. Follow Luisa and Karin, and learn their favourite ways to style this fail-safe fashion choice! 

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