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Cosy at Home with Luisa Rossi

Cosy at Home with Luisa Rossi

"Wintertime is cuddle time 🤎" it is with this sentence that our Luisa Rossi starts her lifestyle video full of tips to face the winter period in the best possible way. You all know Luisa Rossi by now, her name has become synonymous of style, elegance and success in Switzerland and we have the immense pleasure of working with such an icon.

So come on, let's start with Luisa's tips for this season. With winter we all feel the need to wrap ourselves in warm and cuddly fabrics, but not only clothes, also blankets and scarves. THIS SEASON IT'S ALL ABOUT CUDDLES!

But By Adushka not only does this in clothing, it also does it in home decor by presenting a brand from Morocco that is truly unique. We are talking about Verre Terre et Fer, a brand that supplies these cuddly pure wool sheep that are now becoming a By Adushka 'symbol'. Stools in various sizes and models which are an undoubtedly unique touch to your favourite place to be: be it your home, your garden or your work space. 




Speaking of soft materials, we cannot fail to mention the new Loungewear collection from By Adushka. Limitless cozy, warm and it fits perfectly to every style.  The 'Cozy Knit' By Adushka Capsule collection is dedicated to all those who don't wear animal products, are allergic to wool or are lovers of ultra-soft knits. The garments are thick, but it's not a material that adds weight to you, explains Karin Kämpf the Designer of her own seamless Lounge Wear collection of the beautifully soft (and naturally stretchy) bouclé used for this capsule collection.



From clothes to shoes, Luisa offers you three different types of shoes by By Adushka. The watchword is: comfort. The first, belonging to the By Adushka collection, are a synonym for "good mood". We are speaking about the iconic Furry Slippers, much loved by our Karin, CEO and Founder of By Adushka. Anyone who knows her will think of her when they see these slippers. Made entirely by hand in an atelier in central Italy, they are a unique piece that will stay with you for many years. The quality of the sheep hair makes them soft and durable and the canarine yellow gives a touch of color to your outfit. 



Then we have sandals that Luisa names 'Birkenstock a la By Adushka': the Montone Slippers are the ultimate loungewear shoe staple. And last but not the least, we have the Zoccoli from the Italian label Antidoti born from the skillful hands of Tuscan craftsmen and the stylistic collaboration of the designer Antonella Dotti. Materials and shapes are mixed to create clogs and sandals to make women's day more cheerful, to banish bad thoughts and melancholy. All the pieces are completely handmade in Italy, as are all the materials used in their creation, from wooden and rubber soles to sheepskin, velour and calfskin linings - a 100% Made in Italy brand.



From the baskets of By Adushka, to the vases of Verre Terre et Fer to the books of New Mags (obviously focused on sustainability, the main theme of By Adushka).




You all know that craftsmanship is at the heart of our philosophy and also of Luisa Rossi's, which is why it is with great pleasure that we want to tell you about Ofer: the antique bookbindery that proudly carries on the legacy of one of the most historical bookbinding workshop in Italy, a veritable institution for the field of traditional bookbinding and conservation restoration. It scrupulously follows traditional binding techniques and the items are all handmade, with needle, thread, rope, awls and paper folding - love in every detail



Style not only in objects, in clothes, but also below. 'Style down to the knickers,' says Luisa. She shows us Scarlette Atelier's pyjamas, lightweight and perfect for all year round. Luisa also recommends them as a great gift! 



Speaking of coziness, we cannot fail to mention our Moismont futons... "You are mine darling" says Luisa! And of course our super cozy socks from Escuyer: the destination brand for anyone who appreciates well-crafted items. 




A little treat for the nose too: don't miss our Grand Sable soaps and Smells Like Spells natural aromas.

Click here to watch Luisa Rossi's full video, you don't want to miss it! We hope you found our guide helpful. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via our email address 

Last but not the least... Natural Christmas decorations by Walter Zellweger Masterflorist from Appenzell: Only available in our By Adushka Store at Zinnengasse 4 in Zurich and at Loft 19 in Baden! 




Come visit us, have tea with us and enjoy the magic of Christmas by the By Adushka Family!


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