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By Adushka goes Genderless

By Adushka goes Genderless

"Boys don't wear that", "Girls don't wear that"...



The aim of By Adushka is to form a community of like-minded people who come together to spend time in a unique environment for conscious shopping and an unforgettable experience.


We are humans, there is not much difference between being a man and being a woman 


I am the CEO and Founder of our brand, and this is a very import topic for us because we want more women bosses around. As By Adushka is for me a way to build bridges to common values, I am extremely happy to be able to surprise you today with the latest images from our gender neutral photo shoot. See how the same piece of clothing can create a different look on different people.



You might be wondering what the aim of this shoot is? Simple: these images are an invitation to try and reinvent yourself.


At one of our Nomad House events I was surprised by my friend Tim, who was completely blown away by our quality and styles and spontaneously wanted to try the pieces on, and looked so great in them. So I realized how quickly you are ready to say, ohh that's not for you, that's only for women. And yet the male element is represented in all our collections. 

So why not! Look what we have developed from it.
By Adushka is more than just a one-sided gender oriented store. We are a community and address free spiritually thinking open people. With these pictures I would like to express this.

same piece of clothing can create a different look on different people.


In my youth I missed an apprenticeship because I refused to wear a dress to a job interview, as my mother still demanded of me.
Today I see how men react positively to my fashion and want to try it on spontaneously and get excited about it. The time has come to break free from these constraints. I am thrilled when I see how people, regardless of gender, feel comfortable in my collections and move naturally in them.


The game with gender-specific characteristics fascinates me, especially to dissolve them and to free yourself from them is incredibly fun!



What exactly does ‘gender neutral’ mean, when human bodies are drawn in their own natural shapes? I would describe this current look as a deliberate approach of different sexes to make themselves appear similar, or at least not to be defined by clothes that signal a rigid binary view of gender.


Perhaps when gender neutrality becomes a reality in each family, the male-female divide – at least in fashion – really will be stitched together!



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