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Aries Looks

Aries Looks

You know each zodiac sign has its own specific and very chic way of dressing? If you’re an Aries who’s interested in outfits that are a bit more in tune with your nature, you’ve found the right spot. 


10 bold Styles for all our dear Aries Friends 


Of course, you can take some of the typical Aries traits (aka being a little bit extra and not afraid to grab the spotlight) and run with them to create some major lewks, but according to Jake Register, astrologer and author of Astrology for Relationships: Your Complete Compatibility Guide to Friends, Lovers and family we should look to each sign’s 5th house for a bit of a deeper understanding of what would inspire them clothing-wise. After all, the 5th house governs creativity and self-expression and has a lot to do with a sign’s interpretation of their wardrobe.
For Aries, the 5th house is in Leo, the official sign of "being SEEN" - which means “their clothes are edgy and bold,” according to register. Expect Aries to put together outfits that really stand out, and expect them not to really care if anyone else likes their style—it’s about their expression, after all! If you’re out there thinking "I’m not sure what that even means?" Then please go ahead and scroll on down for 10 special outfit ideas for your fave Mars-governed rams.


Phisique du Role - Knitted Top

Yes, we’re starting off super bold with a knit top in jacquard knit in Phisique du Role's finest and high end quality. If you are curious to know more about the label's Spring Summer 2022 Collection, click here.



Phisique du Role - Tank Top Sweater

We continue with the Phisique du Role garments, the knitted tank tops are driving us crazy! These colours take us directly to warm spring days.



Momonì - Clovis Dress

Aries, meet your new night-out dress. This is ready for you.


Phisique du Role - Green Checked Suit

Phisique du Role from head to toe is right on trend and looks all around the year great. Check out the label's Green Check Ankle Trousers and the matching Double Breasted Jacket.



Phisique du Role - Ribbed Polo Sweater

Going for something a bit more sweet? Try this pink-and-campari red sweater with high waisted flared trousers looks amazing! 



The Label Edition - Charlotte Blouse

Keeping it casual doesn’t mean going plain. Embrace your femininity with this floral Blouse from The Label Edition that offers an elegant and sophisticated look. Have a look at our Trousers selection and decide how to match it to achieve the perfect spring look.



Phisique du Role - Oversized Blazer Jacket

Job interview? Why blend in with everyone else? An Aries would make a real statement in shades of light pink, green trousers, and a coffee brown top.



Phisique du Role - Polka Dot Spolverino

Love a polka dot Spolverino Midi-Dress made from pure seersucker cotton to edge it up a bit more? Pair it with some slouchy black boots or snickers. Et voilà! Perfect for lunch or Dinner.



Phisique du Role - Linen Coat

The oversized silhouette of this coat from Phisique du Role makes it an excellent choice for work and weekend styling alike. It's cut from a mint linen and viscose-blend with slightly dropped shoulder seams; it features side pockets and a single natural-colored macro button on the front. Its from Bonotto environment friendly fabric.



Lola Hats - Snap First Aid Hat

With its defined fedora crown and wavy brim, the Snap First Aid is the most sophisticated style. Two layers of rust raffia top-stitched together make it pliable and suitable for a day in the sun. It’s held in place with a stretch grosgrain. The center back pleat allows the crown to retract or expand by cinching the elastic grosgrain to the exact head size of the Aries wearer. 








Forest Green Velvet Zodiac Bag for Aries - Nina Leuca

Inspired by the illuminating art of astrology, Nina Leuca's velvet tote bag is a daily celebration of the independent, spirited and friendly Aries woman.




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